Episode 26: Raiders of the Lost Ark, or I’m Face Meltingly Hot for Teacher

Slap on that fedora and crack your whip, cuz it’s time we MEET STEVEN SPIELBERG—OK MAYBE WE JUST SAW HIM LIVE ON STAGE—WITH LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA—BUT HE SAID HE LOVED US at a special theatrical screening Raiders of the Lost Ark at the United Palace in Washington Heights. Is Bryce a true romantic for going to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in the theater multiple times with Randall? How did Dayna manage not to watch this movie until her 20s—and not see Temple of Doom as of this recording? Who is everyone’s bigger first film crush, Harrison Ford or Karen Allen? And can we just say f@ck you Nazi monkey? Honestly, we have too many feelings about this film to give you too many answers.