41. American Pie, or Stifler’s Mom Has Got It Going On

Clean off your flute and stop looking at that warm apple pastry like that as we dive… head first? (ugh, we hate ourselves)… into 1999’s American Pie. Should this movie be renamed American Why, cuz we really don’t get why it spawned so many sequels (you know, besides all that money they make). Is it ok to watch teen sex romps in your 40s? Can we watch the dry, smart, funny movie Natasha Lyonne and Jennifer Coolidge are performing in? Eugene Levy can join as the best movie dad ever. And can someone call SVU stat to report these pervs committing an actual sex crime against Shannon Elizabeth’s unsuspecting foreign exchange student? Like a stereotypical teen boy, we can’t promise you many satisfying answers, but we can promise you plenty of weird smells in today’s episode. 

Episode 40. Young Guns, or the Styled Bunch

Toss back that gorgeous mullet and shoot before you ask as we ride off into the sunset with the 1988 Brat Pack classic Young Guns. How many more enjoyable Westerns could we have watched instead of this? (Answer: all of them.) Is this movie the nail in the coffin for the Dermot Mulroney vs Dylan McDermott debate just because of how unarguably revolting “Dirty” Stephens is? Which is longer, the eventual heat death of the universe or this movie? Find out these answers and more life lessons under Terence Stamp’s tough love tutelage. 

Episode 38: Cruel Intentions, or The Kids Aren’t Alright

Grab your crucifix and have inappropriate feelings for your step-siblings as we become completely infatuated with 1999’s Cruel Intentions. Where did Sarah Michelle Gellar get her rich divorcee wardrobe and can we buy it now? Why are we supposed to root for serial abuser Ryan Phillippe when he doesn’t even redeem himself so much as just pause on being a total douchebag? Cuz it sure isn’t his non-existent chemistry with Reese Witherspoon! But can we get more Selma Blair forever and ever please? We’ll let you know as soon as we finish listening to Placebo for the 100th time because they still slap. 

Episode 37: Love Actually, or Do They Know It’s Curtis?

Lock up your daughters (especially if Colin Firth is moping around with some loose papers), and keep an eye on that randy PM, as we immerse ourselves in the Christmas overindulgence that is Richard Curtis’s Love Actually. Can we please stop calling totally normally proportioned Martine McCutcheon chubby? Did Mark, aka the Cue Card Guy, deserve the hate he got for his visual proclamation? And are the porn couple the only healthy relationship in this whole film? Or is it Bill Nighy’s aging rockstar and his manager? We’re too busy tearing up over the actual people welcoming each other home at Heathrow to come up with any answers. 

Episode 36: The Devil’s Advocate, or The Devil Went Ham in Greenwich

Sit back and let Al Pacino in full ham force wash over you in 1997’s The Devil’s Advocate. How is Charlize Theron so good so early in her career (and despite that Southern accent)? Are the offensive parts of this movie that way because it’s about the literal devil, or because the 90s just sucked that much? Why is this movie trying to be deeper than it can ever actually achieve? And is Randall recording this episode directly from the circle of hell where this movie is playing on repeat? We’ll let you know as soon as we finish digesting all this fine pork product.