Episode 25: Some Like It Hot, or To Will Hayes, Thanks for Everything! Billy Wilder

Time to hide from those random mobsters and don a to-die-for statement coat as we tango the night away with Billy Wilder’s classic drag comedy Some Like It Hot. What do you call it when you look back on a nostalgia piece nostalgically? Nostalgia squared? Dostalgia? Why is there a gangster film crammed on top of this buddy flick? Is Tony Curtis pouting during this whole movie or are his lips just that luscious? Were Marilyn Monroe’s costumes held on purely by a wing and a prayer? And is this episode where we first discover Randall’s #pocketcheese? Our answer is obvious: nobody’s perfect.

Episode 24: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, or 2001: A Drag Odyssey 

Brush out your favorite feathered wig and practice your German deadpan as we search for the Origin of Love in John Cameron Mitchell’s dragstravaganza Hedwig and the Angry Inch. How did this movie so perfectly capture how shitty it is to be a touring performer with no following? Is Andrea Martin’s Phyllis Stein the ultimate ride or die b*tch. Is Miriam Shor’s Yitzhak ultimately shortchanged? And if you ever meet someone who doesn’t appreciate this soundtrack, how quickly should you run in the other direction? We’ll give you some answers as soon as we find our coveted Wig In A Box covers album wherever its hiding in our CD collection. 

Episode 23: So I Married an Axe Murderer, or Invasion of the Bonny Slasher

Snap those fingers and blow out that candle, man, as we immerse ourselves in Mike Myers’s personal mythology in Tommy Schlamme’s So I Married an Axe Murderer. Is this movie basically a Rosetta Stone for all of Myers’s future films? How does a beat poet afford an incredible apartment in San Francisco—unless he’s actually the one who is a black widow killer? Are the comedy cameos in this, from Charles Brolin to Steven Wright, the best of all time? Or do the incessant “bits” that it spawned ruin the fun? The only thing we can say is: Let’s get pissed!

Episode 22: Earth Girls Are Easy, or Extraterrestrials Prefer Blondes

Prepare to crash land in a backyard pool and shave off all your candy-colored fur so we can have a Close Encounter of the Sex Romp kind with 1988’s Earth Girls Are Easy. Why would Geena Davis ever pick Charles Rocket’s Dr Love over actual Adonis Jeff Goldblum? Did you know Damon Wayon could tear up a dance floor? And why did Jim Carrey not spend his career being a hot blond guy? Was this movie just a feature-length vehicle for Julie Brown’s excellent Cuz I’m A Blond music video? (We’re ok with that.) Or was it a subversive comment on gender norms and sexual mores? (Even more ok with that.) We’d like to answer you, but we can’t spell that good. 

Episode 21: Mannequin, or Gee, True Hollywood Story

Collect your various plastic lady parts and prepare to literally turn women into objects as we cringe all over Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall’s disappointing relationship in 1987’s Mannequin. Why did Roxie get shafted so badly by this movie? Who do we need to punish for the horrible violation that is James Spader’s hair? Can we just spend our days drinking cocktails with Estelle Getty and spilling tea with Meshach Taylor? And did Alex just reveal that she’s a serial killer? There are no answers, only Ham Spader.