Episode 18: Three Men and a Baby, or The Gute, The Stache, His Bartender and Her Vulcan

Three Men and a Baby (1987) Directed by Leonard Nimoy Shown at center, left to right: Ted Danson as Jack Holden, Tom Selleck as Peter Mitchell, Steve Guttenberg as Michael Kellam

Warm up that formula and practice your diapering skills as we doo-wop our way into Leonard Nimoy’s (YUP) surprise blockbuster Three Men and a Baby. Did every 80s comedy have to involve drug dealers in some bizarre way? With the release of this movie, My Two Dads, and Full House, was 1987 the year of the Daddy fetish? How little plot do you need to hold together a movie that is otherwise nothing but fun montages? And how many rooms does this Manhattan apartment-share have?? We might be able to give you some answers if we weren’t so distracted by Tom Selleck’s powerful thighs.