Episode 41. American Pie, or Stifler’s Mom Has Got It Going On

Clean off your flute and stop looking at that warm apple pastry like that as we dive… head first? (ugh, we hate ourselves)… into 1999’s American Pie. Should this movie be renamed American Why, cuz we really don’t get why it spawned so many sequels (you know, besides all that money they make). Is it ok to watch teen sex romps in your 40s? Can we watch the dry, smart, funny movie Natasha Lyonne and Jennifer Coolidge are performing in? Eugene Levy can join as the best movie dad ever. And can someone call SVU stat to report these pervs committing an actual sex crime against Shannon Elizabeth’s unsuspecting foreign exchange student? Like a stereotypical teen boy, we can’t promise you many satisfying answers, but we can promise you plenty of weird smells in today’s episode.